Recent essays

America’s real divide

Some days in the 1960s

Why does history disappear to easily?

How humans are going go extinct

Some 80s thoughts

Trump’s attempted coup was unique

How’s this for balanced journalism?

Saving America from the bottom up

The environmental problem we put aside: us

Bringing blacks and whites together

Ukraine: Just a thought


PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: Sam’s jazz bands


The Idler 1964-1967

DC Gazette 1966-1985

Progressive Review (print editions) 1985-2003


The media’s unintended contribution to racism

Prince Andrew & Vladimir Putin

Learning democracy is just as important as learning math

Media time fillers

The dysfunctional family called America

Humphrey Bogart and me

A Poitier film worth watching

Living east of the Capitol in the 1960s

Some ways to stop the GOP from destroying democracy

Our biggest subcultures

The strangest thing about our ethnic relations

The brevity of history

Getting started in alternative journalism

How about a new religion?

Blending the past with the present

Making liberalism appealing again

Lies on the rise

A new alliance? Teenagers and 80 somethings

The diversity of diversity

Putting the good before God

Adventures in British journalism

Covering the Cambridge city council

Back to school: Memoirs of a parent association president

Change the culture; the politics will follow

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