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The article that started the statehood movement

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The huge drug corrruption story the major media chose to ignore

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Thoughts on the JFK killing

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Clinton and killer blood

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Arkansas connections

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Boycotting the new Confederates

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The real Jefferson Sessions

Jefferson Sessions was named after his father and his grandfather, who were both named after Confederate leader Jefferson Davis. 

Sessions thinks 26% of Americans unfit to govern because they don’t believe in God

Sessions wobbles on marijuana law enforcement

Some more reasons to reject Sessions

Sessions would consider reviving porn prosecutions

Sessions can’ remember whether he got award from the KKK

Sessions’ record against voting rights

Deciphering Jeff Sessions

1,226 Law Professors Tell Congress to Dump Jeff Sessions

Questions about Sessions’ civil rights cases

Sessions’ appointment would be good news for the pending Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger

How Sessions handles the law

Sessions favors anti-Muslim immigration rules

Notes on Sessions

How test obsession hurts learning

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Two tales out of school

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Bottom Line

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